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          Die casting Weekly is a professional B2B exchange platform in die casting industry, providing original and authoritative die casting business information and business information. Committed to the information flow barrier-free transmission, we collect information about the die casting industry at home and abroad for Chinese users, and spread the trend of China's die casting industry to foreign operators.
          Disseminating "die casting information with decision value", we focus on providing information with reference and decision value for the majority of users. The selection of each piece of information and article goes through a series of scientific and rigorous procedures, such as the collection and verification of original materials, the compilation and selection of senior copywriters, and the proofreading of professional staff.
          Practicing the core values of "objectivity, fairness and neutrality" and adhering to the professional spirit of "sincerity, dedication and respect for morality", we wholeheartedly serve the industry and users, build sharing and communication platforms, promote scientific and technological progress and application promotion, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of die casting industry.

                 電話:0755-8418 2626
                 手機:133 2292 6003(微信同號)
                 Q Q:2985463631